Further Complications

My medical woes continued.  The stent was removed Thursday afternoon (quite painfully I must add) and I came home and took a nap.  Later I walked my darling doggy and puttered around.  Around 10 pm I began to experience pain in my left flank (again) which got rapidly worse.  I got up, threw on some clothes, locked my dog in his crate and drove myself to the ER.  Once there I was hooked up to ‘happy juice’, rolled down the hall for a CT scan and then met with the ER doctor.  Diagnosis: stones in my bladder.  Lovely!  
I called my best friend and she and her husband came to pick up me and my car and I was home and back in bed by 3 am or so.  Back on the Flo-Max, pushing liquids, back to straining to search for stone fragments and another day missed from work.  And so much for my ‘goal’ of having a week without a doctor appointment; tomorrow at 1 pm I’ll see my urologist once again.  My co-worker/friend stopped by at noon to walk my dog and give me a hug, darling daughter stopped by after work with flowers and more juice and yogurt and walked the dog. Even my IBF (imaginary boy friend) came over around midnight to take Tiger out for his last walk.  
But despite all these blessings I am in a horrible funk.  Alone and pathetic I drove myself to the ER. Alone……. 

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Poetry Fail

So this month’s attempt at daily poetry writing was a complete bust.  Sidetracked by illness and other events I had nothing in me.  Last week I had a kidney stone removed via surgery (no passage for me) and that was after several weeks of pain and increasing unpleasantness.  I stayed home from work for 4 days and even then yesterday was marred by stent pain.  Add to that some travel and ennui and bam nothing…….not even a lousy haiku.  Roll on May……… 

Crowded Head

juggling my thoughts and keeping them in the air

leaves me without much time

to think of what might have been, had I stayed.

It would be easy to think that none of this mess

would have happened. But then none of the good

could have come.  And I would still be a caged bird

unable to sing, or fly or live out loud……

it was never a question of if just when.

my only regret is that I left too late

and all that remains are the ashes of

burned bridges and rivers of tears.







Still Thinking About Romeo (STAR)

At night, with leash in hand, I walk in the darkness

thinking about Romeo.  Not THE Romeo but my own

Romeo, true heart of mine that died over a thousand starry nights ago.

The dog is unaware of my deep thoughts as he noses along the path.

Tiger suits him, yet I recall the memory of wanting

to name him Shakespeare.  The children prevailed.  And fourteen years

later they are gone, and Tiger and I walk late at night still thinking about Romeo.



Today is my father’s birthday. I have the fondest memories of him playing Chopin on the baby grand piano and my sisters and I twirling around in our nightgowns while my mother watched with a smile on her face. I miss you Daddy.  

I find it hard to believe that this summer it will be twenty years since he left us to play piano in heaven.  I’m sure the angels are dancing but I miss him every day.  The cardinals were busy at the bird feeder all day and each one reminded me of him and made me smile.  Love never ends………